Cultivation Space

NPC: Rope Master (Guild Cultivation Space)

Location: Guild Base (388,98,5)

Secondary Skills

Screenshot 2017-04-22 14.41.04

Charater Cultivation

  • Need to be activated by a Guild Member with authority.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 14.50.50

  • To activate Character Cultivation skill > Go to the third tab of Character Cultivation

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For all guild members. Upgrading cultivation skill would require

  • Excelsior Earn Excelsior
  • Fealty (Contribution Points)
  • Plumblossom (Can be bought at Guild: Noble Treasure)

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Special Skill Training

NPC: Captain Timo (Special Skill Intructor)

Location: Guild Base (388,98,5)

  • Just leave your special skill to Captain Timo to level up.
    • Cost: 60 Fealty