Might Score


Might Score is a basic system, it consists of everything that increases the Combat Power of the player. It’s used to check if the player is strong enough to do an extremely difficult raid. There are a lot of factors that influence the Might Score and the people with most the Might are rewarded with costumes.

Things That Increase Might

Character Level

Character level that can be seen under C (Character Window) or near your HP bar (top left by default)

Gear Score

Rate you obtain by improving your gears. For more info check: http://rainguild.net/gear-score/

Character Path

Character Path can be unlocked by doing the requirements. For more information about Character Path check out this guide: http://rainguild.net/character-path-enlightenment/

Soul Grid

The better the soul grid, the more might it will give. Also the more bonuses you have, the more Might Score you will have. Check out this guide for details on how to upgrade your soul grid: http://rainguild.net/soul-grid/


For more information, check out this guide: http://rainguild.net/special-skills/

Special Skills

The Special Skills is one of the best ways to increase Might Score. For each level you get, you will obtain X amount of Might. The higher the level of your skill, the more Might you will get.

NOTE: 3-star skills give more Might than 1-star skills.

Not only level but Dao Tree aswell, the more Dao you have cultivated, the more might you have.

Skill Cultivation

Directly related to Path. The higher your path is, the more skill cultivation you can learn. Unlocking new skill cultivation with Annex Benediction will also provide you might. Check this link for more details: http://rainguild.net/special-skills/

Passive Skills

Upon reaching a certain quantity of skill cultivation points, you will unlock passive skills. They also provide you with Might.


Character Cultivation

Guild related system (located under C – Progress). Players can acquire Character Cultivation by upgrading the Cultivation Space (in Guild Base) and unlocking the respective cultivation. For more information, check out this guide: http://rainguild.net/character-cultivation-guild-passive/


The top 10 players of each class will be rewarded with costumes for their respective classes every week. The costumes also expire in 1 week.

You can check the Might ranking at the Ranking Announcer [Sulan Elite Quarters (5537, -1267, 56)]


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