Leveling Fast Tips

Do it daily for:-

  1. Complete all quest available on Road to GreatnessDaily Reset is 1pm (+8 UTC) Malaysia Time.
  2. Run every possible Dungeon available to you.
  3. Scour Dungeon
    • Try going for Mech Citadel (Under License)
    • Buy General Dungeon Certificate
    • Try to invite a Lower Level Player for Guidance Bonus along with the EXP Bonus.
  4. Peculiar Ticket Dungeons
    • (5 Party Members)
  5. (Curious Event Quest) Fish Party
    • (4 – 5 Party Members)
  6. Travel Journey Quest 
    • (5 Party Members)
    • Sulan + Lampyr Creek + Kastard
    • Get EXP Buff  Book of Journey from Lampyr from Cash Shop when doing Lampyr Creek & Kastard only.
  7. Bounty Hunter Quest
    • (5 Party Members)
    • Get EXP
    • Level 2 Soul Grid
  8. Sulan + Sidus Ur + Fort Whetstone Commerce Quest
    • (Solo)
    • Earn lots of Excelsior
    • Get Guild Material (Commerce Cash+Mittite)
  9. Guild Quest
  10. Guild Hunt
  11. Level 70: Try to grind Panthers (lvl73) located at Altar of Swords



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