Faerie Funland

Faerie Funland is ran by the Volopine race (raccoon race). This amusement park is for players to do leisure activities as well as earn the best golden tier earring available in the game.

Players will receive massive amount of experience, gear progression loot, and other treasures

Event: Tuesday and Saturday

Server Time: 06:00 to 23:00

Board game style

  • There are 65 tiles on the map with its own minigames and purposes.
  • Players roll a dice to signify where they land on

Four main types of tiles:


Once players enter the area, they will be on giant game board.

Talk to the raccoon to receive the daily quest, explanation on how to play, and to start the game.

Room Types

There are 6 types of special rooms:

House Room:  upon landing on this tile, the player will be teleported into various types of houses and experience various mini games.  These tiles are the number tiles.

Mission Room: The player will encounter random events in this game. These can affect the player’s tile position, access to House Room, or event award players

Treasure Room:  will receive treasure boxes here

Teleporting Room: will teleport player further into the tiles and award the player

How to play:

Player are receive to have “dice cards” to play the game. The “dice cards” can be purchased from the raccoons, augsyth shop, or cash shop.

Players will receive funland certificates for completing each of the special rooms.

These are used as a material to craft the golden earrings, as well as a currency to purchase cosmetics from the amusement park shop.


Better’s Voucher

  • A Throwing Voucher. Each throw will costs one Better’s Voucher.

Funland Ticket

  • Winning Tickets that can be earn after completing the puzzle on each room tile you go to.
  • Can be exchange for earrings and various expandable/accessories.

Silver Funland Orb 

  • Can only be exchange with NPC Bela Foxtail who is located at Room Tile 64.
  • Whereby you will need to blindly follow a rat in a maze to NPC Bela Foxtail to complete the puzzle.

Special Cards

Double Dice Card:

  • this card will make your dice roll contain two dies (so you can have a maximum of 12 steps in 1 roll).
  • This card also increases reward if players land on any of the 4 special room types (excluding start and end rooms).

6 Dice Card:

  • Will force your next dice roll into a 6.
  • Using this card also increases your reward.

Half dice card:

  • This card item will force your next dice roll to only roll 1 -3.
  • Using this card also increases your reward.

A-Point Dice Card:
NOTE: this card has a weekly limit

  • This card item will force your next dice roll into a 1.
  • Using this card also increases your reward.

Special 1 dice card:

  • Same effect as 1 dice card but has no weekly limit.
  • This item can be purchased from cash shop.

Triple Dice card:
NOTE: this card has a weekly limit

  • similar to Double dice card, but triple the dice. This item has a weekly limit

Golden finger card:
NOTE: this card has a weekly limit

  • after use, the next time the player enter the House Room, the player will automatically complete the tasks. This item has a weekly use limit

Gravity Card:

  • This card put a heavy gravity around you.
  • The next time the player lands on Teleporting Room, the player will not “fly/teleport” ahead, but the player will still receive rewards of the Teleporting Room.

Bomb Card: 

  • Upon use, the next dice roll will explode.

Types of Rooms/Minigames:

Raccoon Merchants:

Search for the raccoon merchant while in a room of maze. There are various colors to signify and guide players and the paths.

Suggested path: upon entrance, hug the wallàfollow the red until the endàfollow green until the endàfollow black for 1 roadàfollow white for 1 roadàthe merchant is there

Puzzle Room:

You have the solve the rabbit’s riddle to complete this room.  Players have to run into “colored walls” to move around the rooms.


  • Green Portal > Red Portal > Green Portal > Black Portal (2358).
  • Then walk behind the White Portal NOT go in to the portal the secret passage it to walk through INTO the WALL.

Puzzle Room 10minute

  • Same area as above, but no portals.
  • This one you have to follow the rat brainlessly and it will lead you to the NPC. Be sure you dont lose the rat out of your sight.
  • If u lost the rat, you might have to wait till you see another rat pop out.

Defeat the Stone Guardian:

After defeating the guardian, a stone platform will rise up. Get on the platform quickly. After the platform fully rise up, jump to the end point npc to complete.

Lava Drifting:

This is the lava jumping quest of doom. The purpose is to jump on the moving floating platforms and reach to the end of the npc. Some of the platform is FAKE, and is an illusion. If players try to jump onto them, they will die.

Delicious Delicacies:

talk to a raccoon and purchase some delicious food. Upon eating, players will receive a buff. This buff will give players experience. After the end of the buff, players will complete the room.

Sun Goku vs Mech Citadel:

There will be red circles on the floor, which will explode after 1 second. This will cause 50% of player’s hp. Players are to avoid these red circles. On the floor there will also be Icicles. If they step on this, they can either get a speed buff or a speed debuff.

If you’re a man then survive for 60 second:

The npc will continuously shoot out blue balls of doom at the player. The player is to dodge these balls for 60 seconds and survive.

NOTE: this room has a extreme difficulty, which have totems summoning blue balls as well.

Rock Paper Scissors:

Best out of 3 match with a npc.

Sumo Wrestling

  • Upon entrance, the player will transform into one of the monsters in Oneiric Trials.
  • The purpose is to push another player or npc out into the ring.
  • Upon touching the ring, they will lose hp.
  • Once your opponent’s hp become 0, you will complete and pass.

Petrifying Gaze:

  • Every 5 seconds, Medusa will do a petrifying gaze.
  • Stand behind the pillars (blue circle) to avoid.
  • While avoiding, you must rescue the girls on the floor.
  • If you got gazed, then you fail the mission.

A little girl’s Battle:

  • Upon entering, you will notice two npcs fighting each other.
  • If you get close to the barrels, they will explode.
  • Option 1: Your job is to gather the explosives, and bring the monster into the explosive area. This will stun the monster. Then you need to rescue the little girl on the floor.
  • Option 2: Avoid the monster as far as possible and quickly save the girl before the monster arrive.

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