Adept Quin: Hand Equipment

Updated on 28/4/17

Get Blueprints by doing this quest from NPC Adept Quin which is 120 Rounds. You might need to prepare these materials first in hand to speed up your quest progress.

Note: Rewards of blueprints are in random select.

Additional Quests:
Sing correct music lyrics; go to NPC and select the right option out of 3
Greet a friend; go to NPC and talk to them
Warn the other party; go to NPC and talk to them
Deliver a quest item; go to NPC and hand them the quest item

Cant provide a clear information on what item is required since its not exactly the same when you take Adpet Quin Quest the second time.



  1. Low-grade Stone
  2. Medium-Grade Stone
  3. High-grade Stone
  4. Pebbles
  5. Copper Ore
  6. Silver Ore
  7. Gold Ore
  8. Flame Stone (Called Flint as well)


  1. Mulegrass
  2. Fresh Flowers
  3. Sporoma
  4. Standard Fodder
  5. Wild Herb
  6. Wild Ginseng
  7. Edible Herb
  8. Blood Radish


  1. Low-grade Timber
  2. Fir Leaves
  3. Tender Bamboo Shoots
  4. Termites
  5. Medium-grade Wood
  6. High-grade Wood
  7. Aromatic Wood


  1. Sardine
  2. Clownfish
  3. Silver Eels
  4. Red Carp
  5. Beltfish
  6. Cuttlefish
  7. Riparian Dogfish
  8. Sagefish


  1. Venison (Drops from Deer)
  2. Crocodile Meat (Drops from Crocs)
  3. Wolf Meat (Drops from Wolves)
  4. Animal Hide (Various drops from animals)
  5. Precious Cargo (Kill monster or buy from Grocer)


  1. Blue Cochineal
  2. Sedgling Pollen
  3. Wood Gum
  4. Flexible Sticks
  5. Fine Hemp
  6. Lime
  7. Brass
  8. Gold Chain
  9. Coarse Cotton (Looks like a fur)
  10. Coarse Cotton (Looks like paper)
  11. Copper Shards
  12. Compact Boards
  13. Silver Chain (Looks like a gold bar; Crafting)
  14. Compact Sticks
  15. Fish Bladder
  16. Iron Shards
  17. Silver Loop
  18. Coarse Hemp
  19. Iron Ingots
  20. Silver Ingot
  21. Gold Ingot
  22. Red Oak Kindling
  23. Oxalic Acid


  1. Gold Bar (Buy at Grocer)
  2. Gold Brick (Buy at Grocer)
  3. Depleted Phlogiston
  4. Tier Beads
  5. Special Skill Page
  6. Sidus Dao
  7. Moonshade Fragment



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