Marriage & Divorce

How To Form a Pact Before Marriage?

Party together with your partner.

Go to You and your partner have to be in a party by yourself, then you have to go here north of the main city where the heart icon is located and go inside the portal next to the NPC.

Once you’re inside, go towards the big tree in the middle and you should see 3 NPCs.

What are Love Points?

Love Points indicate how much time you have spend with somebody ingame and how much you “like” him or her.
They can be obtained by spending time together in a group, clearing dungeons together, using the spa mentoring buff on each other, grinding mobs together and so on.
They can only be obtained if the other person is in your friend list and you find them (“p”)
The best way to increase your Love Points fast is to make your partner your mentee or mentor.
It will almost double the income of points from doing stuff together and make it a lot easier.
6,000/6,000 (4 Hearts as in the picture shown above) is the basic maximum of “Love points” you can have with a friend.
(This can be increased by using the breakthrough NPC for love more to that down below.)

Also by using the spa mentoring buff, (blue icon) you can get an extra 300 love points with your partner each day.
Both of you have to be in the Spa next to each other and then the mentor has to click it on you.
You will then channel for 15 minutes and can’t move.
Worth noting is that the buff will give quite a considerable amount of exp to your mentee (apprentice) depending on how high the level difference between the mentor and mentee is it can very from very little exp to an insane amount of exp per 5 sec (my mentor lvl 75 channeled me lvl 66 for 8,000 exp every 5 sec for 15 mins, that’s 1,4 million exp in 15 mins)

Another way to increase your love points is the mushroom NPC right next to town 1, marked as a heart on the map.
It will have quests available if you and your partner are in party together and mentoring each other.

The Wedding

To start the marriage process, you will need to be in a party with the friend you are going to marry and enter an instance in the northern end of the world map. There is no gender restriction on marriage and two players of the same gender can marry each other.

Once you are in the marriage instance, talk to the NPC in the middle to get the wedding started.

Price for Marriage will be taken from the Party Leader.
A. 300,000 Imperial Notes (Premium)
B. 50,000 Imperial Notes (Saver)


  • Premium Package will spawn gifts for the wedding guest who attend your wedding.
  • Regardless of which option you picked, the marriage benefits are identical.

Marriage Benefits
What do Love Points points even do?

Now to be honest, I’ve been told they are pretty useless for “regular” friends and act more like an indicator with who you play a lot.
However, they are useful for married partners so stacking up Love points with a lot of people might come in useful one day where you decide to marry someone on your friends list.

The immediate benefits of Marriage are fourfold.

First, you will unlock a title on each person proclaiming the other person to be married to them, this is just a cosmetic title.


You will also unlock a new action you can do in the Spa with your partner which you can access by press N and select this button. While visually this is similar to the mentor/apprentice action, it has several differences. There is no daily time limit on this and it give a small boost to the experience you already get from your Spa wine (1.5 – 4% depending on your level). However, you will not gain any cohesion from this action so it is only recommended to do this after you have done the mentor/apprentice channel with your partner for the day.


Thirdly, if you do battlegrounds with your partner, you will both gain additional battlegrounds rewards points (not military points but rather the weekly points that unlock rewards).


Lastly, you will have access to some marriage skills on the last tab of the interface opened up by using the N button. These skills are greyed out initially and you will need to acquire skill books for them that drops off Level 59 Battle Royale, Level 59 Ryongyon Hardmode, or Level 62 Mechanical Escape hardmode dungeons. Auction house can also be used to acquire them as well. As the cohesion between you and your partner improves, these skills will also level up and get more powerful.


These skills require Level 15 to use and their effects and cooldown depends on the amount of Intimacy points you and your partner have. You will need two copies of these skill books if you wish to unlock these skills on both characters.

ro-friends-mentor-marriage-guide-70 Make Food Make a food that increase the max MP/HP of your character by a tiny % (0.1% for the green rarity) for 30 minutes. Each food can be consumed 10 times with a 30s cooldown in between and traded between partners. Higher cohesion ranks allow you to make better food. Base cooldown for this skill is 60 minutes at Level 1.
ro-friends-mentor-marriage-guide-71 Out of Combat Rez You can revive your partner out of combat. The cooldown and HP restored upon revival depends on the cohesion points. Base cooldown is 45 minutes at Level 1.
ro-friends-mentor-marriage-guide-72 Partner Summon Summon your partner to you. The cooldown and daily usage depends on the cohesion points. At Level 1 you can summon your partner twice a day with 45 mins CD.


Intimacy Milestones


There are 3 different intimacy milestones; one at 6,000, another at 15,000, and the final milestone at 28,000 intimacy points.

  • At 6,000 Intimacy points, your points will be capped until you complete a specific quest with your spouse. You will need to head to Nori in Sulan to pick up a quest. This will then require you to head back to the marriage instance once more and speak to Rochin before teleporting inside. You will then need to head inside and speak to the Hyphaen Luta Tolador, obtain an item and hand it back to Rochin who is waiting outside of the instance.
  • At 15,000 Intimacy points you will unlock an achievement known as ‘Hug it out’ which, in turn, will unlock a hug emote for you and your partner to use.
  • At 28,000 intimacy points you will both unlock a special costume which is exclusive to married partners who have reached this stage.


  • You can divorce your partner after you have been married to them for 7 days, though you’ll need to head back to the marriage instance in order to do so.
  • There are two options for a divorce: one is an agreement where both parties accept the divorce, which costs 10,000 Imperial Notes.
  • The second option is where one person in the relationship forces the divorce to happen; this could mean that the other partner doesn’t want a divorce or are not around to be divorced. In such a case, this method will cost 300,000 Imperial Notes.
  • After divorce, you cannot marry again until 7 days have passed since said divorce, and that divorcing will instantly de-activate any and all marriage perks.

How to increase the Maximum of Love Points?

You need 6000/6000 points and you have to be in a party with your partner then go back to the place where you can marry (shown in the first picture) north of the main city. Right in front of the portal there is an NPC who will have a quest that breakthroughs your love points so you can have more then 6,000.


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