Sulan Commerce Center

Start: Sulan Commerce Center’s Task

Screenshot 2017-04-22 22.17.06

Screenshot 2017-04-22 22.14.24.png

Screenshot 2017-04-22 22.16.05

  • Talk to NPC Eipin Sorot (Sulan Commerce Center)
  • Location: 5092,-1431
  • Nearest Portal: Sulan Market

Screenshot 2017-04-22 22.16.30

  • Ride on the Camel Beast [F] and wait for the BOAT at the dock.
  • Don’t Auto-Path to the location or else you’ll take ages to reach.
  • Upon arrival talk to the NPC and select [Confirm] to be teleported else where.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 22.26.00

Screenshot 2017-04-22 22.26.32


  • 64053 Excelsior
  • 320 Sulan Favor
  • 32 Honor of Sulan
  • 8 Ascension Stone
  • 5 Commerce Center’s Cash

Second: Sidus Ur Commerce Center’s Task

Talk to NPC and ride the Camel Beast again.

This time you’ll be riding on a flying ship.

Quickly ride the camel again and board ship before it departs or else you’ll have to wait another 10 minutes for the next ship arrival.


  • 71170 Excelsior
  • 320 Sidus Ur Favor
  • 32 Honor of Sidus Ur
  • 8 Ascension Stone
  • 5 Commerce Center’s Cash

Third: Fort Whetstone Commerce Center’s Task

Quickly ride the Camel Beast again and board the flying ship before it departs.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 01.11.22


  • 78287 Excelsior
  • 320 Fort Whetstone Favor
  • 32 Honor of Fort Whetstone 
  • 10 Ascension Stone
  • 1 Commerce Center’s Remuneration
  • 1 Small Piece of Mittite Ore


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