The no.1 mistake most new players make is ignoring their Demonslayer. They would be at level cap and never touched their Demonslayer Rank, missing out on weeks of progress and delayed their gear progression.

Demonslayer Interface              

To view press [C] > Order Tab
To View Dungeon [O]

NPC: Borfen Zur (Guardian Grocer)
Location: Sidus Ur (2092,1571)

  • Demonslayer is a whole system you unlock at Level 30.
  • Earn Points Merit to Rank Up, do the specified dungeons that is available on Demonslaying Quest Tab at the right.
  • The higher Demonslayer Rank, the more items / materials you are eligible to purhase especially to upgrade your equipment.


There are a couple of important things to note.

  1. Demonslayer Rank/Points
  2. Your weekly Merit reward box progress
  3. Activities you can do to level up your Demonslayer progress
  4. Requirement to reach the next Demonslayer Rank

While there are many activities that rewards Demonslayer Points, the only one that really counts for Demonslayer rank progression and weekly reward boxes are the ones on right of the Demonslayer interface (3). They are your daily dungeon (you do this via the daily interface) and your weekly dungeon picked based on your level and your Demonslayer Rank. These activities reward different amount of merit points.

  • Daily: 100 pts
  • Weekly: 250 – 300 pts

As you do these activities, you will earn Points Merit to fill the weekly reward box bar (2) and this will also contribute to the Demonslayer rank up requirement (4)

Weekly Reward Box Bar

You will receive reward boxes when you reach the green, blue and purple marks on the bar. These marks 50%, 85%, and 100% of the bar. Basically you will need 500 points to receive the green tier reward, 850 points to receive the blue tier reward and 1000 points to receive the purple tier reward.


These boxes give you Ausgyth Points, Gythil, and a bunch of equipment/skill upgrade materials. The purple tier is very important to reach because it give you items that allow you to exchange them for unbound Precious Stones from the Guardian vendor. This means you can purchase and sell these unbound Precious Stones to other players to make a decent income every week.

Reaching the Next Rank

To reach the next Demonslayer rank you need to meet 3 requirements.


  1. Reach the required character level
  2. Reach the required amount of merit points
  3. Obtain the required amount of highest dungeon clears

There has been some confusion over the merit points requirement. There are two numbers: merit points and maximum merit points. The max just means how much points you can store towards the next Demonslayer rank after surpassing the requirement for the current rank.

Here is an example.  To reach Rank 2 Demonslayer, I only need 100 Merit points. However, I went over this requirement and obtained enough points to reach the contribution points max.of 1000 (Basically I got 1100 points). Any more Merit Points I earned after passing this max will not count. Once I level up to Rank 2, I will get 1000 points towards Rank 3 because of this.


Rank Up

You need to rank up ASAP after meeting the Merit points requirement, you do not need to wait until you reach the Merit points max. To rank up, click on the blue underlined link right below the Rank up requirements.This will autopath you to the NPC who will have a little test for you to pass before reaching the next rank.


For rank 3 Demonslayer you will need to do Expert/Godmode Deserted Shrine (one star is sufficient).

Merit Points vs Demonslayer Points

Merit Points is a form of Demonslayer points, but they are the type of demonslayer points that give you progress towards your weekly rewards box and your Demonslayer rank progression. Merit points only comes from the dungeons listed on the right of the Demonslayer interface but you can earn demonslayer points from running other dungeons and activities.  They are all counted as demonslayer points under your demonslayer rank. There is a weekly cap for the amount of demonslayer points you can earn as well.


Demonslayer Rank Requirements

Demonslayer Rank Level Requirement Merit Points Requirement Merit Points Max
1 30
2 40 100 1000
3 45 1000 2000
4 50 2000 4000
5 55 4000 6000
6 60 6000 7000
7 65 7000 9000
8 70 9000
9 75
10 80

Guardian Vendors

You can find the Guardian vendors to sell you gear and equipment upgrade materials by clicking this button on your Guardian interface, it will autopath you to the closest Guardian vendor. For lower Guardian Ranks the vendors in Su Lan will do but higher ranks require the vendors in Ji City.



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